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Workplace Hazardous Material Information System (WHMIS) is Canada's national hazard communication standard. Our St. John Ambulance Canada WHMIS program is designed to provide participants with the skills and knowledge to identify hazardous materials in the workplace, record and report hazardous situations.

Learning Objectives

  • Program Components
    This includes learning the history around the development of a Pan-Canadian system that is designed to identify the dangers of unlabeled chemicals in the workplace, lack of awareness about the hazards associated with each chemical used in the workplace, and inadequate information provided about chemicals in the workplace.
  • Exemptions
    This includes learning about what products are partially or completely excluded under WHMIS. These include manufactured articles, wood products, tobacco products, hazardous waste, and products covered by the explosives, food and drug, atomic energy, pest control, and TDG acts.
  • Classifications & Symbols
    This includes learning about the six classifications that are covered under WHMIS. These include compressed gas, flammable and combustible, oxidizing material, poisonous and infectious, immediate and toxic effects, other toxic effects, biohazardous infectious, corrosive, and dangerously reactive.
  • WHMIS Labels
    This includes learning about the two classes of labels under WHMIS. These include supplier labels and workplace labels.
  • Material Safety Data Sheets
    This includes learning about how the material safety data sheets (MSDS) provides and tracks information on the products health effects, hazard evaluation, measures to protect workers, and emergency procedures.
  • Worker Education & Training
    This includes learning about the responsibilities in the workplace that employers and employees have in working with controlled products. This includes the employer learning that all employees require WHMIS training; controlled products have a current MSDS, and ensure all containers have proper WHMIS labels. The employee also learns about their duty to report, training rights in the workplace, and responsibility to participate in WHMIS education.


  • The WHMIS program focuses on small group discussions, problem solving, role-playing, and instructor-led demonstrations.
  • Students require 100% attendance, and are required to complete a skills demonstration.


  • Students will receive a St. John Ambulance Canada WHMIS manual, wall and pocket certificate upon successful completion of this program.
  • Students are required to bring a pencil, snack, and lunch for a full day program.


  • The WHMIS program requires four (4) hours of instruction. An Additional hour is required for full day programs to accommodate breaks.
  • Please inquire about our flexible scheduling options so that we are able to best accommodate your schedule.


  • Please contact our office for rate information.
  • By Phone: 1.800.467.5979
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