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Home Alone Program

The Canadian Safety Council Home Alone program is designed to provide students in grades 4-6 with the necessary skills and knowledge to be safe and responsible when home alone for short periods of time.

Learning Objectives

  • Be Safe and Responsible
    This includes learning how to set up a safe home environment, safely respond to unexpected visitors, nuisance calls, and prowlers.
  • Prepare Healthy Snacks and Meal
    This includes learning to set up a safe meal environment, and create healthy meals based on the Canadian Food Guide.
  • Constructive Games and Play Activities
    This includes learning to safely engage in age appropriate play activities that promote physical, social, and mental wellness.
  • Identify Hazardous Products
    This includes learning the hazardous product symbols, and the proper handling and storage of hazardous products to help prevent injuries.
  • Respond to Emergencies
    This includes learning to prepare and respond during storms and high winds, power outages, home fire, gas leak, being locked out of the house, and when to dial 911.
  • Perform Basic First Aid
    This includes learning to perform first aid for unconsciousness, choking, asthma, severe allergic reactions, epilepsy, diabetes, wound care, and bone injuries.


  • Home Alone Training focuses on small group discussions, problem solving, role-playing, instructor-led demonstrations, and interactive activities.
  • Students require 100% attendance, and are required to complete a skills demonstration.


  • Students will receive a Home Alone manual and certificate upon successful completion of this program.
  • Students are required to bring a pencil, drink, and desired food to the program.


  • Home Alone Training requires four (4-6) hours of instruction. An Additional hour is required for full day programs to accommodate breaks.
  • Please inquire about our flexible scheduling options so that we are able to best accommodate your schedule. 


  • Please contact our office for rate information.
  • By Phone: 1.800.467.5979
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